Job PackageAnswers 1Bids 1Other questions 10

Jul 6, 2024

You need help me prepare the job package. you need complete 4 letters.

1. Application letter

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Job PackageAnswers 1Bids 1Other questions 10
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2. skill areas resume( sold over $1 milion valued zippers and sliders. Develop 10 new customers, 8 of them ordered; served as a customer manager in a local bank. develop over 30 customers for new program about credit loan. Loaned over $500,000…..)

3. follow-up letter

4. job decline letter


I attached the guidline and my resume for you. You can find information you need. I also attached the sample of each assignment. You should focus on the content and the formate. especially the formate. I hope you can complete it within 8 hours. Thank you!



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