Final slidesAnswers 1Bids 1Other questions 10

Jul 6, 2024

Resources: Week Two Learning Team Diagram

Develop a 12- to 14-slide proposal presentation in which you present your solutions to the South Dakota Network dilemma. The presentation should include the following:

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Final slidesAnswers 1Bids 1Other questions 10
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  • Develop a logical and physical network for the South Dakota Campus.  
  • Explain the learning team’s recommendations to design the network.
  • Calculate the cost of the network design.
  • Explain the implementation process and timeline.
  • The budget for this project is 50,000 for network design, devices and cabling. 
  • The projected student enrollment is 1,500 in class each night (consider choke points.)
  • There are 45 full-time employees at the campus. Consider network security requirements between employee access and the student population.

I only need the red ones in 6 slides.

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