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Jun 21, 2024

  1. Which method of reporting cash flows from operations does the company use?
  2. Compare the net cash provided/used from operations to the net income amount on the income statement for all of the years presented in the annual report. Are these two numbers trending in the same direction? What is the largest adjustment item in the cash flows from operations?
  3. What has created the largest inflow and outflow of cash for investing activities? Did investing activities provide or use cash for each of the years presented?
  4. Did the financing activities provide or use cash in each of the years presented? What are the stock repurchase and dividend trends of your chosen company?
  5. Does the cash provided by operations cover the investing activities? Financing activities?
  6. What is the cash conversion cycle for your company in each of the years presented? Please interpret the cycle for each year and its current trend
  7. Using Coca-Cola 2014 SEC Form 10-K as the resource.

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